Proform 705 CST Treadmill Review

The Proform 705 CST is a residential treadmill best fit for walkers and joggers. It is one of the least expensive and best value options offered by Proform in its treadmill’s collection.

The machine and its features are particularly designed to provide benefits to a walker, however, not to a serious runner. When compared with expensive treadmills having advanced features, it’s a basic treadmill but it delivers all the essentials. It has all the capabilities that you need to maintain and/or build your fitness level, whether its weight loss, sculpting your lower body, or improving your cardiovascular health as a beginner or intermediate exerciser.

There is a lot more that you should know if you’re considering buying this machine for your specific fitness goals, so you can make a sensible decision.

Let’s delve in!
ProForm PFTL60916 505 CST (2016 Model)

Proform 705 CST Treadmill Features and Benefits

Motor Power

As this treadmill is built especially for walking and jogging, it comes with a 2.75 CHP Mach Z motor power. That is reliable and adequately strong for walkers and joggers and delivers smooth and consistent power to burn calories, run at a reasonable speed or perform endurance training without making much noise.


The belt starts moving at a minimum speed of 0.5 mph and runs at a maximum speed of 12 mph, which might be too fast for most beginners and intermediate users.

However, you can make small increments in speed to find your perfect pace for your workout. Or you can transit to a specific speed by pressing the Quick Digital Buttons (1 to 12 laid on the console) that perfectly matches your weight loss or cardiovascular fitness goal.

Incline Grade

If you’re looking to add more resistance to your workout, whether to burn more calories, to make your heart stronger, or sculpting your body, the deck has ability to incline that goes up to 12%. Moreover, walking or jogging on an inclined level lessens the impact on your joints than on a flat surface.

You can easily adjust the incline using Digital Quick Incline Buttons or arrow keys on the console, just with one finger.

Running Area

One of Proform 705 CST’s most admirable features is its large track measuring 20 inches wide and 60 inches long that offers a spacious room to walk and jog. This large size deck should easily accommodate most users having slightly tall height and will promote natural stride length with confidence without the fear of falling off the edge.

Dimensions and User Weight Capacity

When Proform 705 CST is fully assembled, it measures 61 inches (high) x 36.5 inches (wide) x 78.75 inches (long). Moreover, it can accommodate any user up to 325 pounds that indicates most average users would be able to use it easily and safely.

Folding Design

Like other home treadmills, this also gets folded, giving you half of your space back. The deck is a little heavy to lift, but you would be able to lock it without hurting yourself if you do it correctly. Transport wheels are also there to move it out of the way.

However, it’s better not to fold it every time if you use it regularly because there is no hydraulic system and you’ve to do it yourself with force.

Workout Programs

Running on a treadmill without a goal isn’t a best practice, so Proform 705 CST comes with 22 preloaded workout programs to help achieve your fitness goals faster and effectively. All the workouts are created by expert personal trainers and categorized into incline, speed, intensity and calories burn.

The best part is treadmill automatically adjusts its speed and incline for each segment of the selected workout program and displays the stats on the screen. So, you can easily track the progress that enables you to focus on your workout session rather than worrying about adjusting the setting.

iFit Compatible

Following the norm, 705 CST is also iFit enabled. This application gives you access to an unlimited variety of workouts on your machine. You can enjoy on demand, trainer led workout videos right in your room.

iFit allows you to use Google maps and you can experience working out anywhere in the world. The machine adjusts its incline and speed to create and feel real terrain. However, enjoying all this would require you to create an iFit account (charges apply separately) and connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

One thing to notice is this feature is optional, not compulsory to use the treadmill.

Display Screen

The 5 inch display screen is neither flashy nor fancy, but it displays all the essentials needed to track your workout progress whenever you walk on the machine. This simple and basic screen displays your speed, distance, vertical feet climbed. calories burned, heart rate and time.

It also displays the approximate level of intensity of your workout in the form of intensity bar so you can see how hard or easy you’re performing.

Heart Rate Monitor

Tracking your heart rate is necessary while doing your exercise, so the Proform 705 CST has rightly placed hand grip pulse sensors at handlebars just below the console.

To measure your heart rate, you’ll need to hold the sensors for a few seconds and reading will be displayed on the screen. That way, you can always stay in your heart rate zone for maximum calorie burn and/or cardiovascular fitness.

Proshox Cushioning

Designed with Proform’s Proshox cushioning, the 705 CST has the right balance of providing impact absorption that goes easy on your joints such as ankles, knees and hips. It helps you to do longer workouts with low impact on your joints and faster recovery time.

Audio Compatibility

To keep you motivated through the voice of your favorite trainer or to enjoy music, the treadmill comes equipped with a built in sound system consisting of 2″ dual speakers (one on each side of the console). Volume keys are present on the console to adjust the volume.

The auxiliary audio port allows you to connect your smartphone or Mp3 device, so you can make your exercise effective and enjoyable.

Integrated Tablet Holder

To place your tablet safely and securely, there is an integrated tablet holder above the console, so your device doesn’t block the console display screen. You can enjoy your workout training video, or your favorite comedy show while walking or running on the treadmill.


There are two 1.9 inch rollers integrated into the deck that move the belt smoothly and ensure less noise and better grip.


Proform 705 CST has a built in air fan on the console that generates cool breeze to help keep you cool and fresh while sweating during your tough exercise regime.

Water Bottle Holder and Storage Cubbies

There is one water bottle holder on each side of the console, enabling you to keep your drink with yourself. Additionally, there are rack ledge and storage cubbies on the console to place your magazine/book and accessories.


The assembly should be hassle free because there is very little to assemble. The deck comes assembled, and you only need to attach the console and handles. However, it’s heavy, and you may need someone’s help to join it. If you follow the instructions from the manual, it’ll certainly make the job easier and save you time. The nuts and bolts come with the unit, and you’ll only need 2 to 3 tools from your toolbox. It’ll probably take 2 hours or less to assemble it completely.


As far as maintenance concerned, it’s advised to check for loose nuts and bolts from time to time and tight them if required. Needless to say, dust shouldn’t go into the motor and other interior parts, so you should clean the whole machine from time to time. Moreover, it comes pre lubricated, and you can use it for a long period without worrying about waxing it.


The Proform offers an impressive warranty package for this treadmill without increasing the price so high. Proform 705 CST treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 2 years on parts, and a 1 year on labor.

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Some Limitations or Flaws

No User Profile

Being a quality treadmill, it could have offered user profile allowing its users to input their weight, height, and age for setting a personalized workout. But, unfortunately, it lacks this feature. Hence, leaving you to the default setting.

At a Glance

  • Motor: 2.75 CHP
  • Speed: 0 – 12 mph
  • Incline: 0 – 12%
  • Running Area: 60″ L x 20″ W
  • Dimensions: 78.75″ L x 36.5″ W x 61″ H
  • Weight limit: 325 lbs
  • Machine weight: 203 lbs
  • Workout Programs: 22 build-in Programs
  • Console: 5″ Display, Bluetooth and iFit Enabled
  • Extras: Sound System, Fan, Tablet Holder, Water Bottle Holder, and trays
  • Warranty: Lifetime on frame and motor, 2 years on parts and 1 year on labor


  • Great value for the price
  • More like gym-quality
  • Very sturdy and seems durable
  • Easy to use and operate
  • More control on speed and incline setting
  • Pretty quiet
  • Excellent and smooth cushioning
  • Large and wide running area
  • Strong motor
  • Huge collection of workout programs
  • iFit compatible
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Little maintenance required
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor


  • Doesn’t allow to create a user profile; no option to enter your weight, height, and age
  • For elders, the folding and unfolding might be a little difficult due to its heavy deck.
  • Heart rate monitor isn’t much reliable and doesn’t come with chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring.

Bottom line

At first, Proform 705 CST may seem a basic treadmill, but it’s more than that. It’s packed with outstanding features and offers so much to achieve your weight loss goal that you might have set for your big day, improve your heart’s health to go on climbing and/or other fitness goals to stay healthy.

Most customer reviews found are positive, which indicates that this treadmill has been an excellent choice for majority of people. It offers value and quality over bells and whistles, and allows you to lose weight, improve your cardio health or develop stamina.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and durable treadmill having a long track that gives you terrific experience of walking and jogging without costing you an arm and a leg, it might be the best pick for you. In a nutshell, you won’t regret this value purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it require iFit subscription to operate?

No, it’s up to you. If you want to use it, you can subscribe to it. However, you can use the machine without it, just like a regular treadmill. To do so, hold the iFit Bluetooth button for approximately 15 to 30 seconds; this will bypass the subscription process, and machine will start.

2. How quiet is this treadmill?

It depends on the speed at which you’re using the machine. Usually, it’s quiet at lower speeds; however, it makes a reasonable noise at higher speeds. So, its noise level is somewhere between quiet and average noise treadmill.

3. What size mat is needed under this treadmill?

According to the manufacturer, when the machine is fully assembled, the base dimensions are 78.75″ L x 36.5″ W. So, for this footprint, 80 inches long and 38 inches wide mat would be appropriate. However, if you want some extra cloth on the sides, choose accordingly.

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